Our Education & Training Director: 
Laurie Griffith, MSci, MAEd


Our Dog Training Methodology:
Positive reinforcement techniques used to establish the owner as a calm, confident leader. Training methods utilize flat buckle collar as a standard… NOT “Halti” type head harnesses nor choke, pinch or other more severe “training” collars. We do NOT rely on food motivation though limited use of treats may be used for extremely short time. We do not use clickers.

Educational Services offered:

Working with your Church, Church Youth group or Community Group to bring the natural power of pets and God’s Word to shut-ins, hospitals, library reading programs and others

Carefully evaluating the new puppy prospect or rescue dog for suitability and training needs

Assisting breeders to better evaluate the temperaments of their puppies as an aid in placing them in the correct environment

Fun, educational presentations on pet care, behavior, dog sports and safety around animals

For more information on current courses and workshops being offered or to schedule one of our services for your kennel or group, please contact:

Laurie Griffith at (517) 663-2698